Dubai Tram project nearing completion

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Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has stated the progress of the of its Dubai Tram project stations which is beyond 92% including all works in repairs, maintenance and storeroom facility.

Dubai Tram project nearing completion

Dubai Tram project nearing completion

A site inspection was held in different sites of the project, mostly footbridges, stations and completion rates in various components of the development, which is making progress in accordance to its expected completion on November.

It is expected that the facility will feature a control center for the operations which ensures that the safety doors, the motors and brakes of the train, air conditioners are working well together with other advanced supplementary electronic systems. Dubai Tram’s depot consist 11 environment-friendly buildings and it can accommodate 25 trains.

The activity centers of the 11 tram stations and population density areas along the tramway were also inspected especially the automated door technology used in passenger platforms which are coordinated with the opening and closing mechanism of the tram’s doors.

The Dubai Tram’s system is considered one of a kind among the trams worldwide and has so much to offer in terms of convenience, safety and security of the passengers, and efficiency of the station’s interior air-conditioning system. The four footbridges associated with the project are also covered, air-conditioned and provided with lifts and escalators.

The design of the bridges also carries the urban theme which the tram carriages and stations are boasting in addition to offering high-level convenience to users through the lifts and slipways dedicated to the disabled and elderly.

The progress of road works in the area of the tram project, pedestrian crossings, and the rail separating the tram from pedestrians throughout the tramway are also taken into consideration. The aspect of traffic safety was given emphasis particularly the management of the overlapping traffic movement of vehicles and the tram in order to enlighten the security aspects to all pedestrians, tram riders or motorists.

Mohamed Dekkak