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Dubai on Top 10 Green Cities list

Dubai on Top 10 Green Cities list

Dubai got hold of the eighth position on the list. The emirate was given a score of 43.5 percent – a strong score in the ‘green building performance and efficiency’ classification. London, Paris and Singapore were included among the main three global cities for green structures.

The white paper intends to survey and compare at the execution of the top 10 global cities particularly with respect to green structures.

The strategy used to evaluate these global cities for their green building execution are drawn throughout four classes: all inclusive green building landscape; building effectiveness and execution; green building targets and policies; and green city environment and culture.

Three of these classifications focus on the overall number of green buildings, execution and activities, while one classification concentrates on the city’s green activities and execution.

The study, appraisal and assessment done for the white paper results in the positioning of global cities in view of their green building execution: Paris garnered the top spot, Singapore was second on the list, London came third, Sydney ranked fourth and after that Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai.

Results from the white paper uncovered Paris and Singapore were the only urban communities that positioned within the topmost five in each classification and took the top spot by exceeding expectations in every one of the four evaluations.

These two urban communities showcase solid building proficiency and execution, which demonstrated that both neighborhood and international certification standards keep on yielding superior performance on green structures.

The global cities were evaluated on the premise of their green building landscape, which is characterized as the overall number of green structures and green building certification systems being used.

While assessing the citywide green building scene on the 10 global cities, the study recognized London, Singapore and Paris as the top scorers.

London has the topmost percentage rate of green building ventures (68 percent) among the ten global cities. Paris and Singapore rank firmly behind with 64 percent and 48 percent  respectively, with more than half of the constructed stock affirmed as “green”.
Paris won first position for its low rate of carbon discharges, which is iattributable from the city’s construction surroundings. The level of energy utilized as a part of structures in Paris and Singapore were among the most minimal in the listing, showing the urban communities’ level of eco-mindfulness and confirmation that both the local and international green building accreditations utilized in both cities set a solid benchmark that pushes for more prominent greener building execution.

New York City, then again, did not manage well in this category. The mega city represents the second topmost building energy utilization (80 percent) and in addition transmits an expansive volume of CO2 (74 percent), which clarifies the poor execution on the Green Building Efficiency and Performance measurement.

Singapore emerged as a herald in the business by putting a striking set of policies and focuses for greening the city’s building block by setting up an objective to green 80 percent of its building stock by the year 2030. In 2008, the city-state changed its Building Control Act, requiring every single new building and existing ones that go through major retrofitting to accomplish, at least, a certified rating under the Green Mark Scheme. By 2014, more than 25 percent of the city’s whole built stock was at that point “greened”.


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