Dubai to have two new markets

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Dubai Municipality is set to open ornamental birds and new truck markets after Eid Al Adha.

Dubai to have two new markets

Dubai to have two new markets

Covering 42 hectares of land in Al Ruwayyah 3, the truck market project was developed to provide a specific place for new and second hand trucks for sale as well as spare parts for repairs. The budget for the construction amounted to approximately DH73 million taking into consideration the rules of setting up green buildings.

A team was organized to invest and lease Dubai Municipality properties in preparation for the opening of the truck market. The two projects are all set for opening and that the new truck market will accommodate 88 2,000 sqm truck display area while 60 1,000 sqm showrooms will be dedicated for selling spare parts.  .

The project will include spaces in the main building for government departments which provide services about the specific sector. The new market provides proper qualifications required to build green and eco-friendly buildings.

With regards to the ornamental birds market in Al Warsan, shops are ready and   have been given to owners. A unique hotel for animals was also constructed within the premises. Furthermore, a clinic was built to offer treatment for birds. Other services being offered are for animal nutrition and care kits and tools to guarantee their health

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