Dubai to develop into one of world’s top maritime hubs in 5 years

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A latest worldwide assessment conducted by an organization for benchmarking maritime capitals of the world. It foresees that Dubai will position among the top 7 leading maritime hubs in the world in the next five years.

Dubai to develop into one of world’s top maritime hubs in 5 years

Dubai to develop into one of world’s top maritime hubs in 5 years

Industry analysts and authorities correspond that Dubai is on course to advance from being the top maritime city in the Middle East to developing into the seventh leading maritime capital of the world by 2020.

The Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai, Abdulla Abdul Rahman Al Shaibani, stated that being the number one in the region, and among the top players worldwide, signifies that they are moving in the right direction on the way to achieving the idea of sensible headship.

Around 1,600 maritime specialists and professionals from 33 nations of all five continents were polled. The world’s top maritime cities were leveled based on the four main maritime indicators of technology, finance, ports and logistics, and shipping, as well as complete evaluation of the cities’ pleasant appearance and competitiveness. Dubai has placed 5th in general under the Ports and Logistics indicator, and was named one of the five largest harbor operators in the world by headquarters (4th).

Industry specialists ranked the city 10th in the world with regards to both the size of ship owners’ fleets and size of fleets handled from the city, ahead of cities such as New York, Rotterdam and Oslo.  Dubai also ranked among the Top 10 global players in terms of leading centres for port and logistics services (6th); site of world-class specialized logistics services (6th); and volume of twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) managed in city ports in 2013 (10th).

The review noticed that robust knowledge hubs with a tough pool of specialists fascinate more maritime business to a city, and that marine insurance is necessary to a functioning shipping market. Once again, Dubai ranked 10th in the world in terms of both the number of maritime legal experts practicing in the city and insurance premiums collected in 2013.

In statistics, Dubai was ranked 9th in the world in terms of the number of ships classed by societies headquartered in the city. This is a significant accomplishment as categorization societies are essential to guaranteeing quality across the maritime division. At last long, Dubai scored high marks under the additional ‘competitiveness and attractiveness’ indicator.

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