Dubai taxis to go hybrid by 2021

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From the current number of 150 hybrid taxis, Dubai is on the move to raise it to 4,750 in five years.

Dubai taxis to go hybrid by 2021

Dubai taxis to go hybrid by 2021

According to Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the program underscores the master plan to lessen carbon emissions of the taxi division by 2 per cent to upkeep Dubai’s Green Economy drive and achieve the requirements of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy.

The green hybrid vehicles is powered by electricity and petrol. They are built with self-charging electric motor where electricity is utilized at a speed limit of 40km/h. Petrol will be used to power the vehicle when the speeds reaches over the limit.

This move is expected to ease carbon emissions up to 30 per cent, compared to an ordinary vehicle. Other factors that considered were the short life cycle cost of hybrid vehicles compared to a fuel powered vehicle and the deregulation of fuel prices.

According to the released by the RTA, the number of hybrid taxicabs will start to increase from 147 in 2015 to 791 taxicabs by 2016, turning 1,582 taxicabs by 2017, 2,375 taxicabs by 2018, 3,959 taxicabs by 2020, until it reaches the full fleet of 4,750 hybrid taxicabs by 2021.

As the first entity in the region to tryout hybrid vehicles on its taxi fleet in 2008, RTA is now making its move to change the infrastructure of its mass transport networks to be more eco-friendly and provide to the growing demand for transport vehicles in Dubai.

According to the result of the study conducted by RTA, hybrid cabs could reduce yearly carbon emissions by 230,000 tonnes, with savings equivalent to around Dh170 million.

RTA has made environmental friendly projects. CNG-powered abras were introduced and will slowly substitute diesel-powered abras on Dubai Creek. Seventeen electric-powered abras and 5 contemporary abras with a heritage-inspired design, powered by high-octane benzene are also in service. An abra using renewable energy are currently under testing.

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