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Called as “Hala Taxi”, the first of its kind in the country will be available on the streets ofDubai Taxis, Now Wi-fi Capable Dubai by November 1 with a basic fare starting at Dh6 during the day.
In celebration of Roads and Transport’s Authority’s Public Transport Day, 155 Wi-fi equipped Hala Taxis will be dispatched for public commuters. These vehicles are dedicated to meet and service the increasing number of booking requests from customers at the Booking and Dispatch Centre of RTA Public Transport Agency.
A total of 200,000 taxi trips daily are made on Dubai roads, five per cent of which or 12,000 of these come from booking requests. Hala Taxi is a collaboration of RTA and Cars Taxi and targets to service at least 30 per cent of the 12,000 current booking requests from taxi customers throughout Dubai and the rest by the other taxi fleets.
“The service is also meant to boost the drive of the Dubai Government in this regard, provide an effective mechanism for handling public complaints forwarded to the dispatch centre, accelerate the dispatch of cabs to customers, provide better coverage to high-demand areas through the centre, improve the rate of cabdrivers’ response to the bookings of the centre, and augment the revenues of the dispatch centre,” says RTA’s Public Transport Agency’s CEO.
Distinguished by black-and-grey color-fitted for general public and black-pink color for ladies with all features of convenience, Hala Taxis will be driven and can be booked through the existing contact channels of the dispatch centre, including the 04-2080808. Reservation of these taxi cabs must be done two hours in advance.