Dubai tagged as City of Opportunity

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Dubai tagged as City of Opportunity

Dubai tagged as City of Opportunity

Dubai has been called as an international City of Opportunity which also ranked the emirate the world’s first for lowest total tax rate, airport access and construction activity.

Dubai has been placed 16th overall in the most recent study that takes the pulse of 30 cities at the core of the world’s economy and culture, according to reports. Dubai positioned fifth in worldwide affordability that measures corporate tax, cost of living and purchasing power charges behind only Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Johannesburg.

Dubai was also placed seventh as an urban doorway replacing Los Angeles in the Top 10, strengthened by the competence of its airport connections to central industry areas for which it ranked 1st internationally.

However, Dubai ranked 30th for its sustainability and natural resources which appears at elements such as the proportion of a city’s land area chosen as public leisure and green space and the percentage of recycled waste.

Cities of Opportunity studies the development of 30 international cities and through their performance seeks to add insight on the strategies and dealings that make cities function most excellent. Dubai’s utmost advantage is cost-effectiveness, tendering better value than most developed or promising cities and ranking fifth as the world’s most affordable city.

Mohamed Dekkak