Dubai Streets, soon on Google Map

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Google online mapping service will add Dubai streets on their system on a 360 degree Dubai Streets, soon on Google Mappanoramic and street-level imagery of its roads and buildings. Dubai will be the first Arab City to be available on Google’s Street view, available in the company’s Google Maps and Google Earth app and images of which only 48 countries so far are currently accessible. Cars armored by cameras driving around the city took the pictures of each streets in the Emirate. According to Google’s regional communications department, it has been noted that the images will be available these approaching weeks. Google also revealed to extend the service further across the country following the Dubai roll-out, with discussions underway with representatives from other Emirates including Abu Dhabi and Ajman. “We’re trying to get as many sites from the Middle East up online, as it shows the culture of the region and it shows people what’s happening here,” said Google. Presently, images of Burj Khalifa and Sheikh Zayed Mosque are already available in Google Street View.