Dubai RTA tenders Union Oasis project

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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) initiated the tendering of the Union Oasis project and invites interested developers and investors to prequalify this month.

Dubai RTA tenders Union Oasis project

Dubai RTA tenders Union Oasis project

The revision of the project manual and bidding requirements for selecting the best partners is ongoing in line with law that rules public-private partnership in Dubai. According to the updated law, the agreement contract will be applicable for 30 years plus three years as an allowance to complete the construction including other facilities.

This said guide comprises complete information about the Union Oasis project which entails the construction of towers above the Union Square Metro Station spanning an area of about 15 thousand square meters. The set of revisions are derived from the comments and views of investors.

Being the Transit Oriented Developments (TOD), it is expected to transform Dubai’s urban landscape. The Union Oasis is intended to provide more accessible public transport for the residents and visitors. The project targets the improvement of Union Square by providing residential and commercial units suited for offices, essential utilities, and retail stores.

The RTA hands over to the investors the prospect of making up different architectural designs well-matched with the agreed architectural idea of the project including its phased construction.

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