Dubai RTA selects new Nol card supplier

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A new Smart card producer was granted an agreement to supply nine million Nol smart cards to Dubai’s Roads Transport Authority (RTA).

Dubai RTA selects new Nol card supplier

Dubai RTA selects new Nol card supplier

For a contract which runs for a period of two years and started on July 1, 2014, the company was selected among five manufacturers of RFID fare cards which are usable to pay when travelling through buses, metro, water buses and paid parking offered by the RTA.

The CEO of the card manufacturer announced that the company is more than happy ad grateful about the association making it possible for them to incorporate and link their solutions and experience with the Roads and Transport Authority.

Since RTA desires to expand its integrated solutions of transportation networks with the utmost standards and outstanding services, its management of the selected company will put every effort to reach these objectives to assure all citizens, and by extension, the UAE government, who has entrusted this project to them.

Boasting of having thousands of customers from 80 countries is expected to provide wide-ranging solutions for a diverse portfolio of UAE organizations like Sharjah Municipality, Bee’ah Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA), RTA-Salik, Abu Dhabi Police and others.

Mohamed Dekkak