Dubai RTA awards AED384 million Waterway Project

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The second construction phase of a 3km long canal project of Dubai’s transport authority was awarded to a Chinese Construction and Engineering firmDubai RTA awards AED384 million Waterway Project at AED384 million or $104.5 million.

The construction contract has been awarded to China State Corporation and the project aims to connect Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf through the construction of bridges across Jumeirah Roads and Al Wasl above the Dubai Water Canal making it possible for 8.5 meter high yachts to pass through the canal.

According to the chairman and executive director of Dubai RTA, another bridge will be constructed for the planned peninsula to the south of Jumeirah Park. The contract also comprise the utility diversion works beneath the canal to ensure hassle-free traffic flow together with the creation of additional conduits for utility lines just below the canal to meet the projected future or upcoming requirements.

Looking back to phase one, the project has completed the construction of a bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road which has eight lanes in both direction causing the traffic on the main road to be diverted in order to assist the construction.

According to the contract, the second phase of the canal contract is expected to be completed in the final quarter of 2016.
Mohamed Dekkak