Dubai ranked as second-best city for expat globally

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The UAE is among top 10 countries internationally for expats at the same time Dubai ranked as second-best city worldwide after Singapore for expats looking to commence a business.

Dubai ranked as second-best city for expat globally

Dubai ranked as second-best city for expat globally

Assessment says that the UAE’s employment opportunities, ¬†entrepreneurial environment, and better compensations as main aspects appealing to expats from across the world.

It was also mentioned in a report that the UAE has been recognized for the prospects it offers to individuals who are looking to develop their careers or for those seeking to begin their own businesses, with Dubai being selected as the second-best city internationally for expat business traders.

A prestigious business school had highlighted that Dubai outshined all other international cities to be ranked as the most appealing city in the world to stay and work in as the influence of the UAE being the centre for new generation of leading international business talent remained to augment.

As well as the chances for career development, UAE was ranked extremely for salary increase. Analysis also revealed that expats has an average earning of $124,000 annually, which is practically 20% more than the international average which is $104,000 annually.

Expats here also benefit from generous profit packages from employers, with the Middle East heading the course internationally in this concern. Besides financial assistance like yearly airfare allowances, more than half (55%) of the expats here stated that they receive accommodation support, compared to the worldwide average of 33%. This is helpful as the cost of living is an area of concern with almost eight out of 10 (79%) stating that their accommodation is more costly, and 60% emphasizing that they expend further on bills than in their home countries.

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