Dubai Poised as Most Sustainable City in 2020

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After Dubai won the bid to host the Expo 2020, the country goals is to become the most Dubai Poised as Most Sustainable City in 2020sustainable city all over the world, through implementing the green building regulations.
The goal was started its endeavor towards to create of the most sustainable cities in the world, and currently they have a special committee for sustainability who will be in charge of the green initiative.
The committees have their own liabilities and their task is divided into many branches such as roadway lightning, community facilities, parks, parking lots, street lightning, pedestrians, bicycling pathways, city landscaping and residential buildings.
The solar power is one of the most most-affordable cost-effective, cleanest forms of renewable energy available.
Meanwhile, Dubai focuses to becoming the most sustainable city. There is a main challenge to be confronted of like then converting of waste into energy. So while the technology exists at the Al Qusais landfill, it cannot be carried out until one decade.
A Dubai Municipality goal is to initiate the method of converting of waste into energy for the follow years and sign several memorandums of understanding with other countries in 2014.
The government maintain to implement frequent plans in its bid to become a sustainable city, families also have the responsibility in saving energy and teach their children in a simple way of saving water and electricity.