Dubai Oil Company Opens More Career Opportunities

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Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), the Dubai based and government ownedDubai Oil Company Opens More Career Opportunities diversified energy group opens its recruitment operation to look for competent staff to fill various positions within the group.

From oil & gas, sales & customer relations, engineering, secretarial, operations, IT & Hardware, finance, education & training, marketing communications, manufacturing & logistics and accounting & auditing in the company.

Enoc runs a system of service stations throughout Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Furthermore, it supervises various business portfolio that covers refining, shipping, storage, LPG, travel, aviation, IT, lubricants and chemicals, with global operations as far as Singapore and London.

According to the company’s website and recruitment page, “recruiting national graduates into Enoc Group of Companies is critical to our strategic approach of ensuring we have talented individuals to develop our business today and tomorrow, and to meet our social and corporate responsibility to nurture and develop local talent in line with the government’s aspirations”.

ENOC did not disclose about the salaries and pay packages but interested applicants can apply directly through the company website.

Presently, the group has more than 6,000 employees of around 50 nationalities.