Dubai offers Dinner in the Sky this Christmas season

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Dubai offers Dinner in the Sky this Christmas season

Dubai offers Dinner in the Sky this Christmas season

Calling all foodie adventurers, in case you’re looking for some ultimate sky high dining experience this festive season, then this food trip was most likely made for you. Considered as the world’s most unique dining concept, “Dinner in the Sky” is back in UAE in time for the Christmas time.

Viewed as one of the well known and most mainstream global culinary happening, the idea has soared in New York, Paris and London – and now in Dubai. To enjoy a meal, imagine being strapped in at a table suspended by a crane as it takes you and other diners 50 meters above ground, with a popular chef and a couple of staff members bringing the dinner to you – tied up as well with safety harness, obviously. Included on Forbes’ list of ’10 Most Unusual Restaurants’ around the world, this extraordinary experience has truly lifted current standards on dining!

This sky high dinner will be available for only a limited duration in this merry time of the year, with the crane to be put in place inside the Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection in Dubai.

Throughout these suppers, those who will dine as well as servers will be harnessed in their respective seats whilst hanging from a crane. There will be everyday lunch, breakfast and supper seats accessible for visitors, served from 11 in the morning up to midnight.

The conception of Dinner in the Sky idea was presented ten years again Belgium & Germany and from that point forward, it has appeared in more than forty nations around the globe. even included it as one of the ten most uncommon restaurants on the planet. 2013 was the last time it visited United Arab Emirates for a one night only experience in Abu Dhabi. Mr. Ahmed Ishbair, proprietor and Chief Executive Officer of Dinner in the Sky in the UAE, says, “We are excited to bring back this energizing experience and anticipate the welcoming of vacationers as well as local residents alike.”

Mark your calendars on December 15 as Dinner in the Sky starts serving high rise meals. When tickets are accessible, brave foodies can get one at this website or at a front counter at the area.


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