Dubai Municipality reveals upcoming green projects

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The Dubai Municipality has revealed several upcoming projects that will take shape in different locations including the construction of a new 7,000 seater convention center, 100-hectare Safari Golf project, an industrial city, and a grid of sewage tunnels.

Dubai Municipality reveals upcoming green projects

Dubai Municipality reveals upcoming green projects

Other projects like the development of Dubai Stairs, scrap, and bicycle market as well as green buildings are also unveiled by the Director-General of the Municipality.

The convention center covers an area of five hectares and is expected to feature halls, offices and two hotels. The Safari Golf will feature a golf school together with a 30-hectare service area. The vertical industrial city will rise at the Al Layan neighborhood spreading at 280 hectares. The said project will entail construction of three industrial residential and hotel zones along with a business park.

As for sewage tunnels project, the tunnels will run four to six meters below ground level and are intended to last 100 years to substitute the existing plants. The new sewerage system will cater to the demands of Dubai’s growing population and urbanization. This project is expected to lessen the carbon in the environment by 30 per cent and conserve electricity.

On the other hand, Dubai Stairs which features 500 stairs, is a project focusing on the cultural and sports development while the scrap and bicycle souk spreads 11 hectares in Warsan.

The projects are introduced with the aim to make Dubai a green community and fully sustainable city by 2021.

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