Dubai Municipality prepares for Crocodile Sanctuary

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A new park project has been planned by the Dubai Municipality dedicated to feature crocodiles.

Dubai Municipality prepares for Crocodile Sanctuary

Dubai Municipality prepares for Crocodile Sanctuary

According to the municipality, the construction of the Dh22 million park will take more than one year. By September, the preparatory stage for the works willl begin. The design of the park will be made as natural as possible similar to the parks in France.

The 20,000 square meter park is intended for children, families and tourists and it will be located near Mushrif Park which will incorporate residential areas such as Mirdif , Al Muhaisina, Al Warqa’a,  Al Mizhar one and two.

The park is 10 kilometres away from Dubai International Airport, so it will be easier for the tourists and residents to reach  the place. The tools and facilities which will be used to build the park are eco-friendly through the use renewable energy and waste management.

The crocodiles in the park will be categorized so that they will be able to breed and proliferate as they would in their natural environment. It will offer hygienic  living conditions and regular attention. Furthermore, the park will serve as a haven which offers appropriate nutrition, medical care and proper transportation system.

Aside from the entertainment it will give to the visitors, educational institutions and research organizations are allowed  to visit the park. Seminars can be held within the park to extend awareness on the importance of environment protection and to inform the community about natural sciences.

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