Dubai Metro tops 12.4 million commuters in August

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Over 12.4 million commuters used Dubai Metro in August compared to 10.4 million during the similar time last year, authorities said.

Dubai Metro tops 12.4 million commuters in August

Dubai Metro tops 12.4 million commuters in August

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) averred that the Metro, which comprises Red and Green lines, is attracting more commuters who are cognizant of its affordability and smooth mobility.

The 19% increase in ridership also signifies that there is less impression on the surroundings. Mohammad Al Mudharreb, Director of RTA Rail Operation averred that this year has observed a considerable upsurge in the Metro ridership, which shows that the RTA plan projecting an upsurge in public transport ridership is moving in the right direction.

People have begun to distinguish and grab the benefits and advantages of using mass transit systems, as well as the psychological and physical respite in having smooth mobility, besides economizing on the expenses of vehicle fuel and maintenance.

It was also added that the numbers denote the RTA is heading towards its tactical goal of lifting the share of community transport in the people’s transit configurations.

This significant increase in the numbers of passengers proves that the RTA is succeeding in supporting the development drive seen by the Emirate of Dubai under our wise leadership.

It also gives to interesting the economic determination, improving tourist activities, and providing secure and smooth transport which persuades the mobility and ups the competitiveness of Dubai in staging worldwide conferences, and sports affairs among others, moreover preserving the environment through reducing pollution created by private vehicles.

Mohamed Dekkak