Dubai is ready to build world’s tallest commercial tower

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Tallest commercial tower in the world to be built in Dubai The Dubai Multi Commodities Dubai is ready to build world's tallest commercial towerCenter (DMCC) has announced its plan to build another iconic tallest commercial in the world in addition to the city’s skyline. Sources privy to the project are not announcing the exact height of the tower but it will trump Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which stands 508 meters, as well as the Burj Al Alam in Business Bay for which the developer has staked a claim as the tallest commercial building in the world. Taipei was the world’s tallest until the Burj Khalifa opened in Dubai. The executive chairman of DMCC has not speculated nor confirmed if this proposed tower will be higher than Burj Khalifa. He only said that being a commodities person he is there to work on supply and demand and if demands get higher he won’t hesitate. However, he stressed that unlike Burj Khalifa which stands at more than 800 meters houses residential and office units, the tower will be classified as commercial. The tower will be primarily a steel structure and will be built using more modern technology and practices and as well use better quality materials and design. The propose height of the tower could change considering that when it preciously built the Almas tower, DMCC went from the original 40 to about 70 floors. The proposed tower along with the planned DMCC Business Park is part of its expansion strategy to cater to large corporations and multinational companies. The business park will be occupying the 107,000 square meters premium commercial and retail space. Because DMCC had no any external debt for several years, it can support a project of this magnitude. The DMCC had earlier build Almas Tower, the Middle East’s tallest commercial building that houses the DMCC’s headquarters. It has attracted more than 4,000 new companies to the free zone over the past four years and about 90 percent of which are new to Dubai.