Dubai introduces first Food-Truck Park

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Dubai introduces first Food-Truck Park

Dubai introduces first Food-Truck Park

In the event that you’ve headed recently to Dubai from Abu Dhabi on Sheik Zayed Road, you’ve possibly seen a new ramp along the road. Locals and tourists are standing in line to get a foodie experience of the Last Exit – Dubai’s new food truck park in Jebel Ali.

This modern outdoor food park opened in the hot summer months, with a brilliant idea that gives visitors having a feeling like you have entered onto the animated set of a Disney/Pixar film – Cars. Brought to Dubai by Meraas, the same organization behind The Beach, Citywalk, and Boxpark, the concept of Last Exit is a first-of-its-kind in United Arab Emirates.

The colorful Airstream trailers are flawlessly set up within the park. It is themed on motors  with creative use of car parts all over  – from functional purposes, like seating, to stylistic theme that improves the auto-mobile vibe.

The main idea of Last Exit is basically strategically placed close to of SZR, where hungry drivers can just pull off at the exit and get some snack at the pit stop while not having to leave their autos.

The majority of the trucks in the food park offer drive-through services, however there is also an area where visitors can stop, give their orders and take a seat and grab a bite at one of the outside tables.

Last Exit  is not your ordinary cheap and tasteless fast food. It is a gourmet pit stop with something to satisfy each sense of taste – from falafel and Mexican food to fish and burgers.

A resident of Dubai and a first time park visitor was quoted saying “I like the set-up, it’s a good, fresh idea. There is food diversity which is great,” as he munches his first taste of Canadian poutine from Big Smoke Burger’s food truck and promised he’ll come back again.

For many workers driving everyday from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back, the Last exit, as they say is a welcome convenience.

This 1,500-square-meter park’s best feature is it’s open 24 hours a day Maybe the best component of the is that the trucks are open for business, serving for breakfast, lunch and supper.

There is also a convenience store in one of the Airstream trailers, as well as a little, air-conditioned indoor seating – don’t miss the booza (Arabic ice cream) inside.

Other than food trucks – there are right now around twelve set up –children’s play area, restrooms, prayer rooms, charge up boxes and ATMs.

Last Exit is located in Jebel Ali after interchange 11 on Sheik Zayed Road if you are going to Dubai from Abu Dhabi.


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