Dubai International classified as busiest airport in the world

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It is foreseeable that Dubai will have the busiest airport in the world, passing the best international centres Atlanta and Beijing, and surpassing 100 million passengers each year.

Dubai International classified as busiest airport in the world

Dubai International classified as busiest airport in the world

It was divulged that in 2015 rankings, Dubai was positioned in third place internationally with 78 million passengers supervised, up from sixth in 2014.

Since the fact that they do not have domestic traffic, vaulting London Heathrow, Chicago O’Hare and Haneda, Japan to assume the number 3 place for total traffic is a significant purpose.

Atlanta, United States managed above 101 million passengers in 2015, whereas Beijing supervised beyond 89 million. Chicago, in fourth place, managed over 76 million, tightly ensued by Tokyo with 75 million and Heathrow with 74 million passengers.

Dubai International also preserved its place as the number one for international passenger volumes in the world for the second year running. Dubai Airports has spent profoundly in giving the infrastructure required to enable this development.

In February, the Dh3 billion Concourse D commenced, enhancing an added 340,000 square metres of are at Dubai International and securing capacity up to 90 million passengers each year. Dubai Airports estimates 85 million passengers this year. Further than that, nevertheless, it is uncertain if capacity at Dubai International can continue with proposed demand.

Al Maktoum International at DWC can manage up to 5 million passengers per year and is aimed to achieve a yearly capacity of 26.5 million by 2017.

The more instantaneous challenge for all airport operators in the region, not just Dubai, it will not be how to scale up quicker but as an alternative preserving development and advancement regardless of rising fees and taxes.

A month ago, Dubai executed a Dh35 fee per passenger on all flights, unless it is the similar flight number for transfers after June 30, to assist and finance the emirate’s aviation infrastructure and support development.

Whereas the Dubai government would be wealthier by roughly US$447 million in profits, certainly there will be a little trade-off in demand.

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