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On September 5, National Geographic Channel will start airing the 10-part series featuring Dubai International Airport On National Geographic ChannelDubai International Airport as “The Ultimate Airport”.
Scenes expected to be shown are behind the scenes on how to keep the World’s 2nd busiest international airport safe, secure and punctual. An outlook of the Control Tower and Customs cross examinations to passengers, cargo nuisance and new constructions and development are most of it.
Behind the scenes activities on the three massive terminals, including Terminal 3, the biggest airport terminal building by floor space — measuring 359 football pitches in size will be aired.
Other part of the series will include the 60,000 staff working hard to keep everything in place with more than 344,000 flights, 57 million passengers and two million tons of cargo flying in and out each year.
Viewers will be able to witness the latest technological advancements, and an enormous amount of space of the airport. From Air Traffic Control handling emergency landings, customs intercepting suspected smugglers and engineers taking apart multi-million dollar jets to dealing with late flights and angry passengers, cargo headaches and even the construction of brand new $3.2-billion A380 facility, NGC provides a 360-degree view of this “ultimate airport”.
Another setting to guard on the series is the construction of a new, state-of-the-art concourse that will accommodate another 15 million passengers each year. Upon completion, it will be the first dedicated facility for the world’s biggest fleet of A380s.
Reports showed that Dubai International’s passenger traffic rose 6.1 per cent in July, reaching 5,310,361 compared to 5,006,155 during the same month last year.