Dubai International Airport heading for another record

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The number of passengers at Dubai International Airport increased 6.3% in January to 7.3 million helped by an improvement in travelers from North America, as Emirates amplified its flights to the continent.

Dubai International Airport heading for another record

Dubai International Airport heading for another record

North America marked the highest progress in passenger traffic, increased by 19.9%, supported by Emirates’ trips to Orlando and augmented services to Seattle, Boston and New York.

Passengers in January exceeded the 7.2 million passenger’s level which was set in August 2015. The record proved that the development trend from 2015 has continued into 2016. The management from Dubai airport is on target to meet the estimation of 85 million passengers that they assume to pass through the airport this 2016.

Traffic from GCC nations was also increased 11.6%, helped by increase in Saudi Arabia and stream traffic from Jeddah. Customary resilient markets in the Indian subcontinent got traffic upsurge by 8.7%.

In term of nations, India continued the top destination in January, then Saudi Arabia, next is UK. For Cities, London topped, then Doha and Jeddah.

In February 2016, Dubai International Airport heightened its aptitude to 90 million passengers as it commenced its new Concourse D. The development has 21 contact stands, of which four can cater the A380 and the Boeing 747.

Dubai International Airport just maintained its place as the world’s No 1 for international passenger traffic for a second year after traffic surpassed 78 million in 2015. However, with prospects to obtain 85 million passengers this 2016. According to specialists as they notify that airport’s swift progress could indicate 100 million passenger before 2020, thus it will reach its entire capacity. This would call for a quick enthusiasm of Al Maktoum, Dubai’s second airport.

For shipment, Dubai International managed cargo volumes of 201,483 tonnes in January 2016, increased by 8.2% compared to 186,230 tonnes listed in the similar period of 2015.

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