Dubai initiates for a vivid, productive economy

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There is no better place for inventiveness to prosper than at the crossroads of culture and innovation.

Dubai initiates for a vivid, productive economy

Dubai initiates for a vivid, productive economy

Dubai, a city that brims with opportunities, new ideas, creative people and rich historical beliefs. These aspects shape the foundation of a creative and modern city.

UAE marks its first Innovation Week under the commands and supervision of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, taking a significant move in tapping the power of innovation to advance and promote the city’s cultural scene.

Innovation has a defining role in promoting societal well-being and national reputation. It brings two genuine advantages: The first is the social value that a vibrant cultural scene assures for the community, contributing to the pleasure of the community. Cultural modernization expands the realm of the arts, shines the focus on talents and promotes social inclusiveness. The second advantage is the added economic value creation. Inventive industries are a major contributor to the GDP globally.

In past years, Dubai’s cultural narrative has been setting the platform for resourceful industries to grow and prosper. The Dubai Art Season, a program launched by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, showcasing the full extent of fine arts events, including Art Dubai and Sikka Art Fair, set the fundamentals for a home-grown arts prospect.

The emirate is today a global cultural centre that serves as a magnet in attracting talent and resources. The momentum witnessing today’s industry and its significance to economic and social welfare, propels to take the cultural scene, and by extension of creative industries, to the next level. In this, innovation is the game changer.

Mohamed Dekkak

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