Dubai Greenification Meets Half Of The Target

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Last week, Dubai civic body announced that by 2020, the city will be more environment-friendly thus it will be turn as “green city”.Dubai Greenification Meets Half Of The Target
Base on the plan, 4% of the city will be converted into parks and an area occupied with nurseries and cultivated land.
The concept of Greenification was prepared by Dubai Municipality’s Public Parks and Horticulture Department with an aim to transform the 380 square kilometers of the city for cultivation purposes.
Dubai Municipality says that from conserving dry lands and expanding green spaces in the city as well as nurturing an individual culture to plant trees can protect essential water supplies and preserve the emirates’ next generation from drying up.
“So far we have achieved 5.09 per cent of our target, and the municipality is keen on adopting a number of strategies, implementing projects and raising public awareness for this cause,” one of the director explained.
Planting trees along busy highways and in wildlife sanctuaries is one of the strategies of the Greenification. Since 2003, the municipality nurseries multiplied from 19.887 million to 34.127 million in 2012.
The municipal nurseries also grow various trees such as the mangrove, ashraq, markh, and wild fig aside from palms and ghaf trees.
In 2003, Dubai only had 191,655 square meters of greenery with 63,237 trees. In 2012 the green spaces increased to 105,340 trees that accumulated an area of 529,827.
Dubai Municipality targets 25 square meters green space per capita by 2020 and as of the present year, half of the goal has been already achieved.