Dubai expecting to a jam-free traffic, spacious parking

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Visualize a city without traffic jamming, limited parking areas, incorporated transport systems and ‘live’ monitoring of each corner and street

Dubai expecting to a jam-free traffic, spacious parking

Dubai expecting to a jam-free traffic, spacious parking


That’s precisely what is being designed in Dubai as part of the Smart City proposal commenced by the Dubai government. Taking the lead is Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which could well be constructing one of the biggest smart city initiatives in the UAE.

According to Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy and infrastructure management, it is in the course of planning an Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC Cube) for the RTA in Dubai.

RTA will gather all the information coming from traffic across the city, as well as roads, Metro, buses, tramways, and all connected to mobility.

It stated in a report that all will be screened on a concurrent source and decisions will be taken as a result. The real time screening could imply installation of thousands of cameras and related systems. Meanwhile, the command centre will have way in to the accurate scene on the ground.
Once there is a mishap, instantly motorists on other linking roads will be informed. The connecting of all transport networks would mean real-time status updates of the next approaching bus, the accurate time it could take to access the stop and advices on other forms of transport inter-linked.

The above mentioned company is also working with Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) for the execution of smart grid and smart metering. This is execute the first phase of electric vehicles. The first batch of 100 recharging stations will be established across the emirate in the next six months.

According to press release, the progress is on the right track to arrive at the 2021 closing date.

Mohamed Dekkak