Dubai on course to meet clean energy goals

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Utilizing renewable energy in the MENA region preserves a determined aim and is not converting into concrete programmes for many member nations, except for Morocco and the UAE.

Dubai on course to meet clean energy goals

Dubai on course to meet clean energy goals

This was divulged in the two-day Dubai Clean Energy Forum, arranged by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) with the support of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy.

The meeting attended by representatives from here and abroad, tackles clean energy solutions, opportunities, and new technologies to help accelerate the implementation of renewable energy in the area.

Certain nations are pushing as others are burdened in revolving their clean energy objectives into definite projects to profit end-users.

These objectives refer to a nation’s target of diminishing its dependence on fossil fuel and coal and involve clean energy such as solar, wind and nuclear in its energy mix by 2020.

Dubai is the exemption, along with other nations such as Morocco. Dubai is acting quicker than most other nations. And like what have seen before in other sectors of Dubai, once it has created a plan, it goes ahead with it and it is moving quickly. Within a short span of time, it has gone beyond several other countries which had begun their renewable energy programmes earlier.

Mohamed Dekkak