Dubai to construct 20 shopping malls

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Dubai will glimpse as many as 20 community shopping malls being constructed over the next five years, as part of an urge for more community-focused means.

Dubai to construct 20 shopping malls

Dubai to construct 20 shopping malls

The Future Retail Summit in Dubai’s The Address Dubai Marina heard that increasing demand among the city’s outer-lying communities has led to a significant increase in the number of smaller, community-based malls, with the latest one opened by Nakheel at Jumeirah Park Pavilion earlier this month.

Nakheel Malls, head of leasing department stated in a conversation concerning the trends, zones and retail destinations, that typical community mall is 80,000 square feet in size, with 25,000 sq ft kept for the supermarket anchor leasee. The malls will also have 20 to 30 units, which will have an average size 1,000 sq ft.

What is significant about the community mall is that it gives the community with expediency. It enhances importance to the community. Simultaneously, it is an assembly location.

Every community needs another kind of retail selections. Every mall is tailor-made for the community. It was  expects 20 more community malls to kick off in Dubai over the next five years, with the area close to Dubai 2020 location and Jebel Ali to see up to seven new malls.

The demand from occupants for the malls is tremendously strong, from both anchor and smaller occupants.

Mohamed Dekkak