Dubai conglomerate  to construct cinema-themed park

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Dubai will soon be house to a latest themed resort with an assumption that the project will rotate around the movie industry.

Dubai conglomerate to construct cinema-themed park

Dubai conglomerate to construct cinema-themed park

CEO of Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG), Mohammed Khammas, confirmed the Dubai conglomerate is presently working on strategy for the construction of a themed resort project, with particulars expected to be unveiled soon.

It was reported that this project is like you are factually walking through a story, regardless of the intellectual property is, as soon as you enter atrium, all the way through. Everyone gets a profoundly themed encounter, from people who are catering them in the restaurant, to the front desk, all the way to the valet.

Nevertheless, conjecture is extensive it will be concentrated on the movie and entertainment divisions as AAHG already has robust connections to Hollywood and the film industry because of its investment in Marvel a decade ago.

The first venture saw the company progress affiliations with not only studios like Marvel and Disney, however Warner Bros, Lucasfilm, Fox Studios and Sony too.

They were one of the main accountable units within the group that augmented Comicave Retail in Dubai Outlet Mall which happened to be the largest comic book and collectibles shop in the world nowadays at 17,000 square feet.

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