Dubai to commence new addressing system in 2030

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New addressing system will transform the way Dubai is to be navigated. In five years from now Dubai will look distinctive. As everyone knows, Dubai will keep on changing.

Dubai to commence new addressing system in 2030

Dubai to commence new addressing system in 2030

Dubai to commence new addressing system in 2030

At this point in time, the RTA is commencing a huge addressing scheme project, altering the names of existing streets, creating new vicinity clusters and districts and naming these as well.

In order to fit the constant transformations in Dubai’s infrastructure and road network and allow motorists to find the way smoothly and easily on this complex network, a new way-finding and addressing system has been developed.

A total of more than 7500 streets have been selected for renaming, out of which approximately 500+ have already been changed. As part of the new addressing scheme, internal streets are numbered in sequence. To lessen the difficulty and make it easier to remember them it was resolved that these streets which previously were referred to with numbers will now be named.

As soon as fully enhanced, Dubai is expected to have 250 fully-developed areas by 2030. These districts are frequently referred to as communities and will be distinguished based on the land use it covered and bordered by major roads. This is completed during the preparation of the area-wide planning by Dubai Municipality Planning Department.

The communities on their turn will form larger areas, and each district will have a specific theme. Apart from existing locations in Dubai, new districts are to fulfill with the new scheme. For this reason, new group of people in Dubai already give a demonstration aspects of the new addressing system.

The project is being started in phases, so as to form as little disorder as possible. On the other hand, a watchful eye of the public is required, as a familiar street may all of a sudden have a dissimilar name.

The new information will be perceptible on signage boards, with many places already modified to the new names.

Mohamed Dekkak