Dubai City- Set To Be The Global Fashion Hub By 2020

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Dubai Fashion 2020, a strategic plan that will buoy up the city in the fashion, Dubai City- Set To Be The Global Fashion Hub By 2020manufacturing, retail and design industry. It is set to support Dubai and the region’s design and fashion sector as an ally to the upcoming Dubai Design District project.
Last week, the Dubai General Secretariat of the Executive Council and Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA) signed an agreement to finally establish and expand the city as a fashion hub.
Both companies believe that this strategic plan would create a significant impact on employment on its sector. They foresee local designers to be more active on the invention of world’s largest and most prestigious brands. This project will also attract more investments from international institutions of this industry.
DTMFZA said that experts estimated that the global fashion industry can generate over a trillion dollars a year. They consider Dubai City as a well positioned point for the global fashion industry that will meet the emergent demands for brands and luxury goods across and outside the region.
Dubai Fashion 2020 intends to ignite the modern regional fashion which is the Islamic Fashion as well as identifying opportunities for marketing base on the requirement of the regional and global markets.
Under the strategic plan, different development and training programs and fashion events will be actively available. Nurturing local talent, entrepreneurs and small businesses are the promotion to give emphasis.
The Executive Council of Dubai, said: “The memorandum that we have signed with DTMFZA aims to develop economic opportunities and enhance Dubai’s global competitiveness on several levels, as well as to Dubai Design District, which was recently launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai supporting the Emirate’s vision to be a global leader. We will work in the coming period on developing a strategic plan that supports the objectives of the fashion industry and promotes the emirate’s position.”