Dubai Canal project brought some road diversions

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According to the progress report made by Dubai RTA, its water canal project is making progress in line with the schedule.

Dubai Canal project brought some road diversions

Dubai Canal project brought some road diversions

The Dubai Canal project is currently underway which requires the two way roads from Umm Ammara street up to the Sheikh Zayed Road which was recently expanded to be narrowed back to one track again posing an effect to the traffic flow on the internal roads in Al Wasl area getting the traffic jams to previous levels when the work first began earlier this year.

RTA announced that the tracks will be opened by October 25 as 25% of the diversion works on Sheikh Zayed Road close to Safa Park have been completed. The Sheikh Zayed Road is currently seeing an additional six tracks for a stretch of 1 kilometer from Business Bay Metro station to Interchange Two, allowing for the construction in one portion of a 16-lane flyover. Traffic going to Abu Dhabi will redirected to the new tracks until the canal project is completed.

The execution of the Dubai Canal Project began late last year with all three phases currently under way simultaneously. The entire project is expected to be ready by 2016.

Phase one involves the construction of eight-lane bridges in both directions across the Water Canal on Sheikh Zayed Road. The bridges will be eight meters above the canal to permit free navigation of boats in addition to several improvements on the road networks around the Canal.

The second phase is concern about the bridges across the Water Canal on the Jumeirah and Al Wasl roads. three lanes will be made the bridge on Jumeirah Road and two lanes on Al Wasl Road in each direction, including the flyover from Al Wasl Road to Al Hadiqa Road in the direction of Sheikh Zayed Road as well as rerouting the existing utility lines and doing compulsory traffic diversions.

Phase three focuses on the drilling of a 3.2-km-long canal, building a sea barrier around the island to set up the beach, putting up a marina for boats and the Water Bus, land filling works of the island and constructing three landmark pedestrian bridges over the Canal to connect the Jumeirah Beach Walk with Safa Park Walk.

Mohamed Dekkak