Dubai aspires to become World’s Favorite City

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Tourism chiefs in Dubai revealed their new goal is to make the emirate the most visited city worldwide. Dubai aspires to become world's favorite city

The conveyance of Dubai’s Tourism Vision for 2020, the important first steps have been taken to accomplish the target of attracting 20 million yearly visitors by 2020, leading the tourism authority to set the new ambition.

The director-general of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) said that if an increase rate comparable to that achieved in 2013 is upheld, 10.6% annual development associating to 11 million hotel guests then Dubai will reach its overtake London which at this time attracts 16 million tourists yearly.

The Tourism Vision for 2020 is a structure which gives all of us in the tourism industry an apparent and collective focus while the city is already seen as a must-visit destination, an incessant drive to innovate will lead to a steady reinvention of the visitor experience, making one that is beyond compare to anyplace in the world.

The chase of this objective means that for the tourist the destination is continually being enhanced with more event, attractions, hotels, a holiday experience and world-leading infrastructure and services which delivers further than expectations whether the tourist is visiting for the first time or a repeat guest.

One of the aims is to become accustomed this description so it will be known as a city that ‘must-be-experienced’.

Mohamed Dekkak