Dubai Airport prepares for contactless departures

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Be cheerful to offer goodbye to immigration counters as Dubai International airport is confident of forming a contactless departures operational as early as 2016.

Dubai Airport prepares for contactless departures

Dubai Airport prepares for contactless departures

Dubai International airports are coordinating with other affiliates and the contactless course will be commenced in the first quarter of 2016.

In the first part, departure will be without immigration counters while in the second part it will be applied for arrivals. Officials also mentioned that they discuss regarding situation whereas passengers can fulfill the immigration or smart gate scheme on board Emirates planes before landing at the airport.

The arrangement of progressive passenger biometrics, information and IRIS on the move technology (IOM) will support the intact departures and arrivals of the passengers at the airport within seconds.

Emaratech, the top online, smart and technology solutions firm in the Arab region, is in charge to all smart gates in Dubai. Dubai Airport has 125 e-gates and smart gates where departure and arrival is possible without ceasing at immigration counters. Customers of these gates need compulsory registration of their national ID and passport.

Meanwhile, Al Maktoum International Airport does not have e-gates or smart gates at this time. However, the new airport will have these in 2016. Emaratech is a strategic affiliate in this upgrade.

The smart gate is distinguished as the most competent, proficient and progressive across the globe from operational, security and technical approach. The smart gate utilizes IRIS cameras to catch eye and facial biometrics of recorded users. Travelers can rush through immigration in 20 seconds. This indicates that  three passengers will be capable to go on every minute by means of the smart Gate.

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