Dubai airport launches 3D robot to respond inquiries

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The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) stated that it will be showcasing its technology towards guaranteeing smooth and safe journey in what it bills is its biggest-ever contribution in the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX).

Dubai airport launches 3D robot to respond inquiries

Dubai airport launches 3D robot to respond inquiries

GDRFA-Dubai’s portfolio of latest smart services comprise an exceptional 3D robot that it designs to set up at the Dubai International Airport and GDRFA-Dubai customer service hubs in the emirate  for responding inquiries from travelers and patrons.

The GDRFA-Dubai designs to use the 3D multi-language robot with voice and video streaming facilities in a big way as part of its smart services plan. The directorate has also revealed the first of its kind electricity-powered car dedicated to provide the necessities of transit travelers at Dubai International which know to be the world’s second busiest airport for international passengers with approximately 52% of its total passengers being transit travelers.

The AMR car with GDRFA-Dubai officers on board can shift inside the Dubai airport’s lobbies, from one gate to another gate, in that way, allowing them provides the transit travelers well, particularly in rush hours. This project is corresponding to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed to present transit travelers the choice to enter Dubai and tour its main landmarks during the short period obtainable to them while in transit.

The GDRFA-Dubai had commenced numerous services in the previous editions of Gitex, such as Smart Gates, e-Gates, Mobile Visa (M-Visa), AMR self-service kiosks and online visas and payment services.

In the upcoming months, the directorate will go through a vivid modification in terms of all schemes, applications and methods as part of the UAE Vision 2020 which will support in attaining a qualitative bound in the standards, accelerate and efficiency of its services. GDRFA-Dubai, which commenced the project to the UAE Ministry of Interior, will be inaugurating pad for the project in the first phase. It will be utilized countrywide.

GDRFA-Dubai’s tactical technology partner, emaratech, divulged that the e-Visa system has managed more than 50 million applications and dealings for individuals, establishments and channel partners while the call centers have admitted and ran 1.13 million transactions.

Mohamed Dekkak