Dubai airport to launch new software systems

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Dubai is to develop its smart gates programme and launch new software systems, in order to lessen travel times at airports.

Dubai airport to launch new software systems

Dubai airport to launch new software systems

The general directorate of residency and foreigners affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) revealed the investments in their official Manafez newsletter.

The authority intends to enhance the purpose of airport smart gates by listing four million travelers for the programme over the next three years.

The GDRFA stated that it will generate an electronic connection system with Emirates Airlines at Dubai International Airport to lessen travel time for departures by 50% from the recent time of around 30min.

The GDRFA also added that new systems and methods will be executed to accelerate journey for arrivals, which will include new software and advance passenger information system (APIS). These procedures are estimated to lessen travel time for arrival by 60%.

By the end of the programme, there will be a sum of 102 smart gates at Dubai International Airport and the new Al Maktoum International Airport.

Smart gates were launched in January 2013 and are prepared with functions such as automatic identification system, facial imprint and automatic iris scan. These gates are particularly intended to help accelerate the passport control systems.

GDRFA-Dubai deputy director general Major General Obaid Moheir bin Suroor stated that the Smart gates will not only facilitate to admit and realize the growing number of travelers and make sure smooth flow of traffic at the airport, but also enhance security.

UAE nationals, residents and tourists can record for the smart gates at GDRFA-Dubai headquarters, Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 1 and 3, Emirates Airlines headquarters and aviation services provider dnata.

The airport is also setting up to set off a new public space next year, which will be planned to manage 18 million travelers yearly and accommodate 17 aircraft.

Dubai is now developing the Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central, which will be capable to lodge close to 160 million travelers after finishing point.

Mohamed Dekkak