Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Meeting Halfway in Achieving Success

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A new study shows that both Dubai and Abu Dhabi is now going the distance. This is afterDubai and Abu Dhabi_Meeting Halfway in Achieving Success plans about building transportation passages have been finally disclosed to the public not just in desserts but along the coast.

The idea was announced after Dubai has changed their priorities developmentally, like the Dubai land, the Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBRC) which was announced last year, and the Dubai World Central (DWC) which is particularly located in the south and Jebel Ali. On the other hand, Abu Dhabi is also taking its part with the north bound access to Khalifa Port which is just between the centers of both cities

The collaboration between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in terms of transportation development also indicates growth economically. A lot of advancement has been coming along the two countries way through which illustrates positivity.

According to JLL Middle East and Africa research head Craig Plumb said that the development in DWC will drive more improvement near the cities of Emirate especially on World Expo 2020 site. They also believe that Dubai is being planned in a very strategic manner, by using not just the desserts but also the coast.

The developers are also working hard for these projects. They even set aside competitions just to collaborate and make this plans possible. The Dubai’s Emaar and Dubai Properties are now working for The Lagoons, which is 6mn m2 master-planned city locate at MBRC. While Meydan and Sobha decided to join forces to build District One of MBRC.

Thus, they believe that this whole thing is a vigorous step to the overall market. It will bring property sales increase when it finally opens for the coming years.