Dubai, 2nd Most Romantic City In The World

Home  /  Dubai, 2nd Most Romantic City In The World named the tourism capital of United Arab Emirates, Dubai as the 2ndDubai, 2nd Most Romantic City In The World most Romantic City in the world.
Base on the result of their poll, more than 71,000 planned vacations this summer, Dubai got the highest points of the world’s most desirable destinations for dating.
Paris, the popularly city known as the world’s romance capital placed at number 3 while London got the 4th rank.
Here are the other cities that the website revealed as World Romantic Cities in the World.

15. Barcelona, Spain
14. Miami, U.S.A
13. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
12. Cancun, Mexico
11. Florence, Italy
10. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
9. New York City, USA
8. Sydney, Australia
7. Prague, Czech Republic.
6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
5. San Francisco, USA
4. London, UK
3. Paris, France
2. Dubai, UAE
1. Istanbul, Turkey