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A new club was launched yesterday in Dubai to congregate all diplomats in the country to spearhead and promote links.Diplomacy Club Commenced in Dubai
Founded by Mobisher Rabbani, a CEO, Diplomacy club aims to bridge a relationship between them and CEO’s Club– part of the Largest Business Networking Club in the world.
The Diplomacy Club will also operate as an event management team to promote cultural, sports, business, defense and humanitarian negotiations.  CEO Rabbani said, “We hope to engage the diplomatic community with different events happening around UAE. Events included are conferences and workshops”.
The club believes that it will be an effective networking to attract other countries to be vigorous in the business opportunities present in Dubai.
“Being based in Dubai is an opportunity. Dubai is the regional hub and gateway of the presence of businesses in GCC, the Middle East and Africa”, Dr. Tareq Ahmad Nizami, major speaker of the launching, CEO and founder of CEO’s Club in UAE said.
Both Diplomats and Business council heads expressed confidence and cooperation over the launch of Diplomacy Club . “As a life-long believer in entrepreneurship and fresh ideas, I would like to endorse the Diplomacy Club and offer our full support”, Dr. Nizami stated.
Diplomats and heads of Business Councils from Japan, Canada, USA, France, Britain, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Peru and Algeria were among those at the launch in Dubai on Sunday.
Events including food fairs, sports fest, networking events, dialogues, trainings, workshops, charities, fundings and gala night are set to be undertaken by Diplomacy Club this year