DH700M Has Beedn Added To Uae’s Federal Budget

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During the cabinet meeting last Sunday, the government revealed that more than Dh700 DH700M Has Beedn Added To Uae’s Federal Budgetmillion has been added to the federal budget.
The Dh705.6 million additional budgets was a proposal from the Cabinet’s financial and economic committee to use to complete development projects. Said funds will be distributed to nine entities for the execution of enhancement activities.
So far, this is the second time the budget has been increased for the year. The initial budget for the year, as passed by the Cabinet last October, was Dh44.6 billion, 39 per cent of which went to social services, 22 per cent to security, 37 per cent to other expenses, and 2 per cent to infrastructure and building.
This year, the FNC agreed to a Dh431m increase in the current budget to cover deficits run up by more than 10 bodies, including the National Media Council, which asked for an extra Dh19m, and the tourism authority, which wanted Dh463,000.
Other ministries requesting additional funding included Foreign Affairs; Labour, Culture, Youth and Community Development; and Defence.
In the meeting, the Cabinet also approved the UAE’s second contribution to the International Monetary Fund on the Trust Fund for Growth and Reduction of Poverty.