Dh52 billion DEWA’s net savings from new energy plan

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DEWA has commenced a new program which will increase its revenues to Dh82 billion and net saving of Dh52 billion as part of its initiative for a greener economy and sustainable development.

Dh52 billion DEWA’s net savings from new energy plan

Dh52 billion DEWA’s net savings from new energy plan

DEWA has started an equipped strategy to lessen energy demand by 30%, as well as eight main programmes including, retrofitting of existing buildings, districts’ central cooling, raise standards and efficiency of equipment and lighting, the efficiency of external lighting, loads management and specifications, reusing treated water for irrigation and regulations of green buildings.

According to said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice-Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, MD and CEO of DEWA and Chairman of The Organizing Committee for the World Green Economy Summit that the incremental expenses of this tactical project would be approximately Dh30 billion, whereas returns will arrive at roughly Dh82 billion with net savings of up to Dh52 billion, which is an outstanding economic revenue.

In December 2014, DEWA granted a total budget of Dh22.873 billion for 2015, up from Dh20.560 billion in 2014. Its outfitted budget for 2015 is Dh13.465 billion compared to Dh13.151 billion in the priro year.

DEWA will host the second World Green Economy Summit (WGES) 2015 on April 22-23 2015 under the theme “Global Partnerships, Sustainable Future”.

They have been enhancing tactics to endorse sustainable development and green initiatives and partnerships, intending to enhance modernization within key national divisions like renewable energy with the purpose of making our country a global hub for green economy.

Nowadays, they increase persistent hard works to attain their objectives of green economy and sustainable development. They formerly set the aim of ensuring that 7% of energy supplies were met by renewable by 2020. At the beginning of 2015, their goal is to achieve 15% by 2030.

DEWA also accomplished great achievement in the low cost of production of photovoltaic energy according to the independent producer system implemented in the tender for the second project of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, and has multiplied by two the facility of production from 100 megawatts to 200 megawatts to run in 2017 with an independent producer system.

Mohamed Dekkak