Over DH14 billion invested for the development of Guelmim-Smara region

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According to a report, over a thousand businesses were created in the region of Guelmim-Smara during 2003-2013.

Over DH14 billion invested for the development of Guelmim-Smara region

Over DH14 billion invested for the development of Guelmim-Smara region

During this period, Guelmim-Smara saw the creation of 1,109 companies spread across sectors of the construction industry (39%), trade (22%), Industry and Tourism (6%) and agriculture and sea fishing (2%), plus various activities (30%). About 233 projects were examined of which 198 were approved for investments estimated at DH14, 484,160,000.

Economic activities on the territory of the region mainly concern agriculture, marine fisheries, buildings and public works. Operational units are concentrated in the provinces of Guelmim and Tan Tan. The latter consists of approximately 70%. The region was known for actual implementation of many industrial zones and economic activity, in order to attract investment and build a forward-industrialization economy.

For this reason, tourism has become one of the areas of economic interest in the region in view of its immense natural potential. In this sense, this region has recently adopted its regional program contract for the development of the tourism sector plans to accommodate nearly 1.2 million tourists by 2020. This brought the implementation of 57 projects ensuring the development of tourism in the region, with a total investment of DH 24.16 billion, 98.87% of which will be borne by the private sector. The portfolio consists of three structural projects and 54 additional projects that will enrich and diversify the framework of the regional tourism proposal.

The region offers significant potential in fisheries that make sea fishing one of the key sectors. The extent of the littoral zone as well as equipment and benefits offered by the Port of Tan Tan area, have attracted a large number of investors interested in the sector.

The Port of Tan Tan plays a leading role at the national level especially as sardine port.

While agriculture is considered one of the economic pillars of the region, MAD729, 508,000 has been invested in 14 projects for the regional agriculture of Guelmim-Smara, during 2010-2012, under the Green Morocco Plan. More than 32,000 farmers benefit from these projects, which focus on the development of the date palm, and crops of olive, camel breeding, as well as promotion of cacti products and development of irrigated areas to develop cereal production.

Mohamed Dekkak