DH 328 million for the expansion of Tata province

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A budget of 328 million dirhams (MDH) has been allocated to the program development and urban policy for urban communes in the province of Tata, whose partnership agreement was unanimously approved by the Board provincial, at its extraordinary session held recently.

DH 328 million for the expansion of Tata province

DH 328 million for the expansion of Tata province

This program is funded by the Directorate General of Local Government, for 50 million dirhams, the Ministry of Housing (80 million dirhams), the Ministry of Youth and Sports (52 million dirhams), the Ministry of Infrastructure, transportation and logistics (9 MDH) and the Provincial Council of Tata (28 million dirhams).

For their part, the municipalities concerned contribute up to 28 million dirhams, in addition to the Ministry of Environment (MAD 10 million), the Department of Trade and Industry (7 MDH), the Agency South (60 million dirhams) NHRI and (4 MDH). The program, whose projects are identified by the relevant local authorities in coordination with all partners, benefits to urban communities Tata (106 million dirhams), Foum Lahcen (84 million dirhams), Akka (70 MDH) and Foum Zguid ( 68 MDH).

In addition, the provincial council approved the creation of a special account for the rural development program, for projects related to roads and trails, drinking water, education and health for the period 2014-2016.

Already, investments of the order of 55 million dirhams were spent in 2013 to upgrade neighborhoods and Douars the province and their connection to the sewerage network, which improves the living conditions of the population and preserve groundwater.

In the same vein, a municipal landfill, meeting the requirements of environmental protection, will be created in the province in an area of ​​4 hectares, with a total budget of 7 MDH.

In terms of electrification of rural places, totaling over 19 million dirhams has been devoted to the development of several infrastructures for intensifying and enlarging the electricity grid Douars Takezmirt, Taghmert, Lahcen Foum and in the city of Tata.

On another level, a complex craft was carried out on an area of ​​1,500 m2 for a budget of 2.53 million dirhams, in order to intensify infrastructure dedicated craftsmen and enhance production conditions and exposure local handicraft.

Mohamed Dekkak