Dewa’s Green Charger initiative on course

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The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is on course of installing a total of 100 electric vehicle charging stations which is expected to be fulfilled by end of this year.

Dewa’s Green Charger initiative on course

Dewa’s Green Charger initiative on course

DEWA has already finished the first phase of the project which involves building16 green charging stations for the motorists. As an effort to enhance the use of energy resources and diminish carbon emission in Dubai, the agency announced that they are now working to build 84 infrastructures before the year ends.

The Green Charger initiative is under the strategic plan which aims to turn Dubai into a smart city, which could be attained by linking solar energy to houses and other establishments, and utilization of smart applications through smart meters and grids.

This initiative is expected to play a role in bringing in electric vehicles in Dubai and making them an alternative among the people, while underlining the objectives of the long-term Green Economy for Sustainable Development and Smart City.

There are already twelve operational charging stations at DEWA hubs, which can accommodate 24 vehicles at once. One station can serve two vehicles. One more station has been placed in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

All types of the new charging stations are said  to be compatible with the most up-to-date international technologies integrated in electric vehicles and will soon take their place along main highways, malls, government buildings, airports, parks, hotspots, and major developments. Stations that are under the sun are solar powered which means no carbon will be released.

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