DEWA’s five-year investment strategy amounts to $15 billion

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An investment costing AED55.216 billion or $15 billion will be put in to several sectors over the next five years according to   Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

DEWA’s five-year investment strategy amounts to $15 billion

DEWA’s five-year investment strategy amounts to $15 billion

As stated by the Managing Director and CEO of DEWA, the company has allocated AED31.605 billion or $8.6 billion in production; AED8.621billion or $2.3 billion in conduction; and AED9.369 billion or $2.5 billion  in power circulation or distribution. An additional investment of AED5.621bn ($1.5bn) is allocated to the water sector.

The company’s investment plan to finance the projects and expansion is based upon the economic feasibility and significance of the projects that the company has planned and adopted. In addition, the strategy is necessary to achieve the highest standards of the output and production, efficiency and financial condition and performance.

According to the year-end report, several projects of DEWA were fulfilled to augment the electricity network and accommodate the increasing demand for power in the emirate. There are about 194 substations of 132kV and 19 main power stations completed with a capacity of 400kV.

DEWA is still pushing through its several essential development projects under a strategic plan to improve the efficiency and dependability of water systems to meet growing demand. These undertakings help the company to meet the consumer needs according to the maximum state of reliability, efficiency, security and availability. The water transport system is currently measured at 1,404 km in total length across Dubai.

Mohamed Dekkak