DEWA launches Water Conservation Drive

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Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched the “Every Drop Matters” campaign with the primary objective of raising understanding among residents with regards to the significance of saving water.

DEWA launches Water Conservation Drive

DEWA launches Water Conservation Drive

This initiative will be carried out by implementing eco-friendly ways to trim down water depletion and guarantee its sustainability for the future. It goes along with the World Water Week which is scheduled to happen on August 23-28 in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to DEWA, the campaign underlines the development plans and strategies to reinforce the elements of the environmental suitability and full development in Dubai The campaign is also in line with the Dubai Plan 2021 to make Dubai a smart and  integrated hub which encourages clean, healthy, and sustainable practices. It was noted that DEWA’s initial capacity is 470 million imperial gallons of desalinated water every day.

In 2014, according to a report,  water utilization in the residential accounts the highest rate of 59 per cent of total water against industrial and commercial sectors. Commercial clients consumed 28 per cent and non-commercial establishments used 10 per cent, whereas the industrial customers only accounts for 3 per cent of the total water usage..

DEWA’ a range of  projects and awareness programs led them to accomplish remarkable outcome in decreasing water use over the past six years with a total reduction of more than 5.4 billion gallons of water.

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