DEWA finished a Dh260 million network upgrade

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The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have finished a Dh260 million project to alter its transmission network to reallocate loads across power stations.

DEWA finished a Dh260 million network upgrade

DEWA finished a Dh260 million network upgrade

This is to further intensify consistent, competent and continuous power allocation across Dubai, corresponding to the DEWA’s vision to become a sustainable world-class utility by improving the power infrastructure to meet enlargement in demand.

As part of the tactical plan to boost the competence and consistency of power networks, the DEWA is executing numerous infrastructure-development projects. This is to meet the objectives to their patrons by giving them the maximum standards of safety, consistency, competence and availability.

The DEWA EXECUTED the changes to the 132kV transmission network during the first half of 2014 to reallocate the load across 37 stations with 45km of new cables.

Work is under way to increase the scope of power plants and commence the most recent technologies for enhanced competence.

The Dubai utility is creating 49 supplementary upgrades and enhancing its substations with the most modern technologies to enlarge their capacity.

Mohamed Dekkak