DEWA closes deal for 3D building at MBR solar park

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DEWA closes deal for 3D building at MBR solar park

DEWA closes deal for 3D building at MBR solar park

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has granted Convrgnt Value Engineering the tender to plan and build in the UAE the first ever fully 3D-printed research building facility in the planet.

The lab will be constructed as a major aspect of the Research and Development (R&D) center at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, and will carry out research on drones, and 3D-printing innovation.

His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer of DEWA, said: “DEWA’s vision is moved by the words of wisdom of His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai. The development of the 3D-printed lab, at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, mirrors our on-going endeavors to accomplish the orders of our government. The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy is an extraordinary international program to utilize innovation for the service of humankind, and put on the status of the UAE and Dubai as a main center for 3D printing innovation by 2030.”

“We are to a great degree satisfied with the award and much all the more so since this will be the initial 3D printed research facility on the planet and the very first 3D building in the UAE that is completely printed onsite. 3D printed constructing innovation is new to the Gulf as well as the world and we are blessed to be at the front line with this venture,” said Convrgnt’s  Vibin Paul.

“The structure will be printed utilizing a system of mechanical robotic arms at the desert area. The dangers of working in an unshielded open environment must be tended to and the logistics precisely controlled amid the printing operation,” included Paul.

The lab will carry out a research on 3D-printing innovation and drones to aid DEWA’s continuing ventures.

It will direct research on the utilization of drones to build up the performance of photovoltaic boards to expand their effectiveness, validity, and lower their expense, and in addition study and test a variety of photovoltaic technologies.

The drones and 3D-printing lab incorporates four sub-research facilities: the Electronics Lab, the Software Lab, the Mechanical Lab, and the Prototype Lab. It will likewise incorporate an open air testing facility.

The Electronics Lab will lead electrical plan and repair assistance for drones that can be utilized by R&D staff, and DEWA workers. Our staff will have the capacity to plan and manufacture modified circuits for various drone applications. The Software Lab will create and furnish DEWA with inventive items, research, and instructive solutions.

The laboratory will resolve issues and create answers to meet national goals and requirement of DEWA, and will run tests on flight controls, avionics systems, and electric power units. The Software Lab will study the plan, execution, analysis, and assessment of software frameworks.

Specific field of interest are operating systems, portable computing, cloud computing, virtualization, distribution systems, and engineering software.

The Mechanical Lab will carry out hypothetical and trial research into phenomena in relation with the behavior of specific materials. This lab will create models for various items that permit engineers to develop further their ideas.

The open air flight-testing facility will highlight an area for landing furnished with sensors, and water, power and data line.


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