Desalination Projects Using Solar And Renewable Energy To Introduce In GCC

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On May 26-28, experts and professionals from Ministries of water, electricity andDesalination Projects Using Solar And Renewable Energy To Introduce In GCC environment, power and electricity generators, environmental agencies, research centers, municipalities, water solution providers, EPC contractors and consultants will be under one roof.
All specialist and authorities mentioned will meet at the Solar Desalination Forum in Le Royale Meridien Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
The event will be a platform to offer large opportunities for experts to be aware of the current and future desalination projects using solar and renewable energy in GCC.

Conference sessions, case studies, panel discussions, technology updates and networking are the activities on his summit.
More presentations and panel discussions will cover key topics including; desalination projects in the region using solar power and renewable energy, innovative and new technologies in the market, spreading awareness about the importance of utilizing renewable energy and more.

Prof. Dr. Hassan El-Banna S. Fath, Professor of Practice at the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology, who will be covering a workshop and speaking at the conference about the road to water security and food security in the region says
“I believe that even though solar desalination is in its infancy, the Middle East will be adapting it in the near future”.
Prof. Mohamed Darwish, Principal Investigator of the Doha Solar Project at the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute’s solar desalination project is the conference keynote speaker.
He give an overview on the integrated solar combined cycle using desalination and why governments in the region are opting to use solar energy for water desalination.

It has been noted that countries across the GCC are actively investing in using renewable energy as a source of power to produce fresh water, protect their natural resources and increase oil exports, rather than drinking it and using it for water desalination.