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Abu Dhabi Municipality is releasing a tender for private sector bidders to build and manageDeluxe Beach Club To Be Constructed In Corniche a high-end beach club in Corniche.
The soon deluxe beach club will serve the capital city’s residents as well as visitors and travelers. Modern facilities on the new beach club are for beach club members and public use.
A Corniche Beach Club will be organized to offer membership to city center hotel guests specially those who don’t have private beach resources.
The Corniche Beach Club’s office will be sited at the Lagoons Beach near West Plaza to accommodate member’s needs and entertainment opportunities.
“The project is designed to increase the range of quality and public services and facilities available for both residents and visitors,” Abu Dhabi Municipality General Manager’s office statement.
“The beach club will present an exciting infrastructure opportunity for the private sector and will continue to enhance the Corniche, which is already a popular attraction for many visitors and residents alike,” the office added.
Since 2011 many beaches in Abu Dhabi have been upgraded to develop local community services and offer residents and visitors more choices of activities and a memorable experience.
Saadiyat Public Beach, which was opened in the first quarter of this year, has also welcomed the island’s residents as well as guests from the wider Abu Dhabi community to relax.
Al Bateen Public Beach was renovated and opened to the public in December 2011 with an average of 30,000 to 32,000 residents visiting it each month.